Jeanette L. Hunt & Associates
Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner
Criminal & Civil Court Qualified All Services Confidential

Ms. Hunt is a Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner, Diplomate and Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners. She is also a Certified Document Examiner through the National Association of Document Examiners (NADE).

"We believe Forensic Examiners do not 'win' or 'lose' cases. FE's seek only the truth and conduct evaluations, examinations and inquiries and report the true results of their findings in an unbiased and objective manner." - ACFE

Service: Examining and Comparing
Documents for Authenticity
  • Questioned Documents Examination
  • Handwriting and Hand Printing Identification
  • Questioned Signature Comparisons
  • Alterations and Obliterations Identification
  • Altered Photocopies Identification
  • Anonymous Note Identification
  • Desktop Documents Examination (Computer/Copier/Printer/Fax)
  • Typewriter Identification
  • Indented Writing Detection
  • Cut and Pasted Document Determination
  • Ink and Paper Age Referrals to Appropriate Laboratories
Clientele: Attorneys
  • Abstract & Title Companies Client Comment
  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Federal and State Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Insurance Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Technology & Communications Companies
  • Telephone Company
  • Individuals
Testimony Experience
  • Federal, District and County Courts
Case Experience
  • Texas, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Alabama, California
  • Holographic (Handwritten) Wills
  • Disputed Wills
  • Falsified Workers' Compensation Forms
  • Anonymous Letters
  • Altered Medical Records
  • Computer Forgery Client Comment
  • Stolen Credit Cards
  • Murder
  • Paternity Suits
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Falsified Financial Records
  • Internal Theft
  • Forged Checks/Bank Cards
  • Falsified Life Insurance
  • Internal Poison Pen Notes
  • Graffiti
  • Death Threats
  • Child Custody Dispute
  • Sexual Harassment
Jeanette L. Hunt, BCFE
Fax: 210-688-9212

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